Kicking for Miracles

Kicking for Miracles / Master Shin's World Class Tae Kwon Do






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Thank you for your support to Kicking for Miracles 2018! Your contribution is appreciated! On Saturday, September 15th, our school will hold its 6th annual Kicking for Miracles. This event is a board break-a-thon fundraiser, with 100% of the proceeds going to Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

This event will require your physical participation and skill, challenge your mental focus and intensity, and give you the confidence and happiness that comes with knowing you have helped others in need. We are scheduled to perform a demonstration and the breaking of 2,500 boards from 10am to 12pm on September 15th. 

Our demonstration team is excited and already preparing to give you a crowd pleasing show! The positive energy on that day will be motivating and inspiring. Every one of you will enjoy the experience of breaking boards and performing for this very worthy cause.