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Ed George






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Ed George was our co-worker and dear friend.  Ed was always smiling and always in a good mood regardless of the circumstances he encountered.  Guests loved him, whether they were regulars or had met him for the first time. He could sell Key Lime Pie to anyone, even if they couldn't eat another bite. 

Ed was generous and went out of his way to pick up co-workers and bring them to work or take them home after a long day.  When someone was down on their luck or having a bad day, Ed was there to cheer them up or scare them to death.  Ed was always proper, calling everyone either Sir or Miss or Young lady. He had a hearty laugh and smiling blue eyes.

He always volunteered to work hoildays so that others could spend time with their families.  We were happy to see that he took this last Thanksgiving off to spend with his family in Las Vegas.

Ed may not be here physically, but his spirit will last forever with his family here at Chelsea's Kitchen Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.