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Madeline's Toy Box for Patients






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Let us bring some cheer and ease the patient's fear while they wait for their appointments!

I am asking you to help me spread the cheer at PCH by funding a toy box for patients. This toy box will serve as a cheerful welcome to every patient who visits (both out-patients and in-patients). Upon check in, they will get to choose a toy from the toy box and my hope is that this little token of cheer will ease their fears and give them something to look forward to. 

As a child with malformed hip sockets, I was a patient of Shriners and spent my early years going to several out-patient appointments. However, instead of fearing the visit, I looked forward to it, because they made the environment welcoming for children by having a toy box that every child could pick from. It was a little gesture of cheer to ease a child's fears. 

Fast forward several decades, and now our daughter is a regular patient of the PCH dermatology department. Shortly after birth, she developed a hemangioma on her face and because of the location, we have been regularly seeing the amazing team of doctors at the PCH dermatology department. Dr. Gildenstern and her team have not only medically helped our daughter, but they have been supportive and incredibly kind every step of the way. 

Every time we visit, I look around the waiting room and I see children waiting anxiously for their appointments. I know how scary a hospital can be for a child and I want to do something to help them and help the amazing department who has done so much to help us! 

PCH requires a $10,000 donation to start a special program. My initial goal is to raise $10,000 and continue our fundraising efforts in the hopes that we can keep the toy box stocked and eventually add toy boxes to every department! 

Everyone deserves a little cheer in their life and sometimes the simplest of gestures can make a scary environment a little more enjoyable. Let's make the hospital visit a little less scary for the pint size patients! Join me in my effort to create the "Madeline's Toy Box" fund for the patients of PCH!


Learn about the incredible work being done within the PCH dermatology department  

The dermatology department at PCH has three speciality areas:  Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinic Vascular Anomalies Clinic and Congenital and Genetic Skin Disease (CGSD). 

The Epidermolysis Bullosa Clinic is one of only four in the country. Children fly in from all over the country to be seen by the dermatology doctors at PCH. 

Additionally, the PCH dermatology department also treats a variety of other conditions, including:


·         Alopecia and hair disorders

·         Atopic dermatitis

·         Congenital and acquired nevi/moles

·         Cutis maramata telangiectasia congenita

·         Dermatophytosis

·         Epidermal nevus

·         Epidermolysis Bullosa

·         Hemangioma

·         Incontinentia pigmenti

·         Lupus

·         Mastocytosis

·         Nail dystrophy and nail disorders

·         Nevus sebaceous

·         Pityriasis rosea

·         Port wine stain

·         Psoriasis

·         Rashes secondary to underlying pathologies and syndromes

·         Scabies

·         Seborrhea

·         Tineas

·         Urticaria

·         Vitiligo

·         Xanthogranuloma

·         Xeroderma pigmentosum